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The church has long known that vampires exist. However, it is discovered that a group of vampires are searching for a powerful doom for mankind. The Vatican then secretly enlists a team of vampire-hunters, led by Jack Crow, to hunt down and destroy the vampires before they find the crucifix.
Since his parents had been killed by vampires in front of his eyes, Jack Crow lives for revenge. As a grown-up, he is a fanatic vampire-hunter who works with a good team in a professional manner. One night, after the successful deletion of a nest, the master vampire Valek successfully deletes his team and the party hookers. As Valek knew Jack's name, Jack knows that the vampires are up to something big. Together with his only living colleague Tony Montoya, Katrina, a hooker who will turn into a vampire soon, and newly assigned unexperienced greenhorn priest Father Adam Guiteau he sets out to find the black cross first. If they fail, vampires can walk in the sun from then on.
The line &quot;C&#39;mon padre… My nuts are on fire here!&quot; is a killer. It even beats the bubblegum line in &#39;They Live&#39;.<br/><br/>Woods is great in this. I am willing to bet he had fun with the role.<br/><br/>Carpenter does what he does best and that is tell a story.<br/><br/>This is a new slant on the vampire legend and only Carpenter could have done it so well.<br/><br/>Lots of swearing, lots of gore.<br/><br/>The Carpenter soundtrack is good too.<br/><br/>As entertainment I have to say this film did it for me!
Following a master&#39;s release, a squad of expert vampire hunters sets out to prevent his flock from attaining the single artifact needed to allow vampires to walk in daylight before they succumb to his devious plans.<br/><br/>This is easily one of the more enjoyable and overlooked entries in the genre. One of the main elements responsible for this is the rather original and innovative approach it takes in regards to vampires. Not only is this one openly deviant about the proper tools and what doesn&#39;t work alone makes for quite a good telling here by including the storyline about the search for the special artifact. Not only is the concept of that particular object rather creative and original but it also allows for the film to turn into a road movie that includes all the trappings devoted to hunting and tracking a vampire clan. This includes the one main method of accomplishing that in the psychic connection between the un-turned victim and the master, again a rather novel touch that produces a lot of fun. That doesn&#39;t include the main reasons why this one works so well in the actual hunting down of the vampires, which there&#39;s plenty of within this. This one manages to really make the hunters quite impressive by utilizing special tactics and maneuvers that clearly showcase some experience in their field which is what really impresses since it routinely works rather than the stereotypical method of having experts continuously fail at their profession simply to drive the movie along. That alone makes this one enjoyable along with the frantic action on display and highly-enjoyable gore scenes which features some rather bloody times throughout this in how both sides have plenty of bloodshed ravaged toward them. These are enough to help this overcome its one true flaw. The final showdown really could&#39;ve been done more effectively, and really should&#39;ve had one to begin with. The climactic fight lasts all of about a minute, with a couple stabbings, some minor throwing around and then the big hit. It&#39;s really nothing much of a fight and should&#39;ve been one for such a journey like this to take route. Still there&#39;s not a whole lot here that really gets this down.<br/><br/>Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity.
The movie has a certain mordant humor, and some macho dialogue that's funny. Woods manfully keeps a straight face through goofy situations where many another actor would have signaled us with a wink. But the movie is not scary, and the plot is just one gory showdown after another.
Professional, Vatican-funded vampire slayer Jack Crow (<a href="/name/nm0000249/">James Woods</a>) and his team are almost wiped out by master vampire Jan Valek (<a href="/name/nm0001299/">Thomas Ian Griffith</a>) after they make a successful raid on one of Valek&#39;s nests in New Mexico. Crow and his only surviving teammate Tony Montoya (<a href="/name/nm0000838/">Daniel Baldwin</a>) are subsequently ordered by Cardinal Alba (<a href="/name/nm0001703/">Maximilian Schell</a>) to rebuild their team and go after Valek, who is reportedly looking for an ancient relic, the black Bersier cross. Joined by an inexperienced priest, Father Adam Guiteau (<a href="/name/nm0347375/">Tim Guinee</a>), and an unlucky hooker named Katrina (<a href="/name/nm0498247/">Sheryl Lee</a>), who has just been bitten by Valek, the team sets out to find the cross first and destroy Valek. If they fail, vampires will soon be able to walk in daylight. Vampires (also known as John Carpenter&#39;s Vampires) is loosely based on Vampire$, a 1991 novel by American author John Steakley. The screenplay was written by Don Jakoby. Vampires was followed by <a href="/title/tt0272147/">Vampires: Los Muertos (2002)</a> (2002). Fr Guiteau shoots Alba and Montoya pulls down the cross. Guiteau leaps forward and cuts Crow free. As the sun continues to rise, the vampires run for cover, with Crow and Guiteau following. They trap Valek, who leaps at Crow. Crow holds up the Bersier cross and Valek lands on it, impaling himself. As Valek attempts to pull out the cross, Crow pulls down the dilapidated ceiling. The sunlight streams in, and Valek bursts into flames. In the final scene, knowing that they have more vampires to kill, Montoya finally admits to Crow that he&#39;s been bitten twice by Katrina, who is lying in the back of the truck in order to stay out of the sun. He also says that he can no longer function as a slayer and that he intends to take Katrina south where he can take care of her. Guiteau tries to kill Montoya, but Crow steps between them. Knowing that Montoya was first bitten two days ago but still saved his life in the fight with the vampires, Crow figures that he owes Montoya those two days. However, he promises that, when those two days are up, he will hunt down Montoya and Katrina and kill both of them. Montoya and Katrina drive away while Crow and Guiteau stay behind to clean up the town of any surviving vampires. As it turns out, the master has not been altered in the violent scenes, but it still is slightly different from the uncut version. Both the German DVD release by Studiocanal and the French Blu-ray release are lacking the same scene, which makes it very probable that they are indeed identical.
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