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Three teenagers from the Pai Zhug Kung Fu Academy are chosen to fight the forces of an opposing academy and all other forces of evil.
Let me start by saying this, yes this series follows a basic guide that all shows in the power rangers saga have; evil monster wants to take over earth, a team of brightly colored spandex wearing teenagers must stop that evil, and with each monster of the episode they defeat they keep the bad guys at bay. What makes this series stand out is a lineup of actors that keep the predictable dialogue upbeat and enjoyable. And the writing isn't as horrible as one seems to expect from this franchise. Jungle Fury is a show that your kids should enjoy, and most adults should appreciate the morals that are involved in the story lines, ones that aren't necessarily jammed down your throat. At the time this review is being written the series is over, but thankfully nicktoons is replaying it, so please give this series another look. The only downside is if you do start to enjoy Jungle Fury is that there were only two dvds released in the US, but maybe that might change. Hopefully. Overall, this show is worth checking out.
i don&#39;t know why so many people hates jungle fury and i&#39;ve enjoyed it and it&#39;s great<br/><br/>I Like the rangers<br/><br/>Casey and RJ and Domenik and the Spirit rangers are my favorite rangers from this series <br/><br/>the ranger costumes from this series are not terrible<br/><br/>The jungle karma pizza place was cool<br/><br/>the Zords and the Megazords are cool control the megazord with the body is like Playing on the Kinect<br/><br/>Jungle Master Mode was Awesome<br/><br/>the theme song was awesome but some People are Annoyed with the Jungle Fury theme tune, well….. I generally like it.<br/><br/>the Villains are Great<br/><br/>Jarrod was Handesome<br/><br/>Camille was so hot<br/><br/>the Overlords and the Phantom beast generals are awesome<br/><br/>Dai-Shi was a Great Villain<br/><br/>the Costume that Jarrod wear when he possessed by Dai-Shi was great i Wish i can Wear that Costume<br/><br/>in the last episode he stole all seven animal spirits and regained his true form and hes one tough dragon<br/><br/>Talking of the Last Episode the Last Episode was epic<br/><br/>the main problem of the series was no Battlizer<br/><br/>Solar Morphers/Sun Glasses as Morphers for the 3 main rangers was a bad idea but the Rest of the Morphers are OK<br/><br/>also it&#39;s a bit disappointed that there won&#39;t be an operation overdrive/jungle fury team up and a jungle fury/RPM Team up episode<br/><br/>Fran was a little bit annoying<br/><br/>Power Rangers Jungle Fury was not the Worst Power Rangers Series ever Made but it&#39;s good<br/><br/>this series was way better than dinosaur king and the Pok√©mon Diamond and Pearl Anime<br/><br/>if you don&#39;t Like Operation Overdrive<br/><br/>then Jungle Fury is What you Want

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